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Styling Portfolio


Music Video and Band Styling

Music videos are my creative playground. That’s where I can realize the most extreme ideas via personal styling. Creating unique costumes and even puppet making is no obstacle for me.


30Y / Bermuda / Budapest Bár / Dansor / Ed is On / ÉK / Ivan and the Parazol / Jazzekiel / Soerii&Poolek / Tranzkaphka/ The Carbonfools / Wellhello

Fashion Styling

I give a fresh, unique taste to the ideas of my customers, spicing them up with emotional effects of colours, structures, and materials.

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Commercial Styling and More

Producing commercials is not an easy thing to do. While every member on the set has their own unique concept, a costume designer needs to find a common voice with everyone and still showcasing her own vision and style, sticking to high quality – even if the budget’s not so promising. But that’s what I'm the best at: finding the best solutions for my customers

Music Video

Music Band Styling

Commercial & Fashion Styling

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