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Off-season Collections by DÜSK 

DÜSK is a progressive Budapest based fashion brand, which is working with urban design, futuristic solutions, and representing high quality streetwear, focusing on men's clothing and unisex design.

DÜSK is an acronym of the designer’s surname and noun “dusk”. According to the English dictionary, “dusk” is the darker stage of twilight. This period sets the boundary between day and night, as the brand and unisex collections focus on blurring the boundaries between subcultures and genders. DÜSK reflects the brand’s diverse identity, melancholic mood and the blurred and dark feeling with a blew of light. Nothing is black or white.

The brand speaks to both men and women, as well as the younger and older generations, because the designer believes that the clothes become unique from who wears those items. The DÜSK collections combine styles and techniques from different eras, like the iconic ‘80-s or the unexpected future, and that way the pieces remain timeless yet progressive.

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